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The purpose of this community weblog is to review free scholarly resources and weblogs. These resources and weblogs should be useful for research, reading, thinking, arguing, etc.. Of special interest are reviews of philosophy, science, and legal weblogs. Simply providing a link and asking for views on the website is welcome but some statement about why you wold like the site reviewed would be helpful. Review of a whole site or of particular entries on a well known site are both welcome. One should try to find sites where people try to think seriously about the issues they are engaging, even if the seriousness is primarily exhibited through humor, irony, and satire. I am mostly interested in websites that are good to read in the same way that some books are good reads. I will provide a list of sites I would like to review or have reviewed to begin with.

*Try to keep the main part of your reviews less than 500 words long and if longer please break-link to the excess.
*Always include the full name of the website in the subject line of your post
*Try to include the link in the first line of your review if not in the subject line.
*All websites should be free and open; any post of a download or paper should be for a dowload or paper that can be downloaded for free.
*Report broken links.
*Please sign and date your posts. You can include a link to your own blog in your signature.
*No advertising, no adult sites, if you wish for a review of your own weblog or site you may post a link with a request for reviews.
*Try to express what others will find helpful or misleading about a website as well as what you found attractive, distractive or annoying about a website. Imagine you are reviewing a book or a movie for a large group of your friends (and your enemies).
*Please be creative and humorous but no personal insults or vulgarity for vulgarity's sakes. Four-letter words rarely convey information beyond unfocused emotion but sometimes they are necessary to convey the tone-poem of your reaction.
*I don't believe in absolutes. I only ask that people try to provide a service to each other. There is so much that we can learn from each other but the quantity of information is overwhelming and one service I think we can provide for each other is a guide to free learning.

Jerry Monaco
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